About Us

We are engaged in the business of providing passenger mobility solutions across various modes of surface transport in India with a fleet of over 750 passenger vehicles. We are one of the leading fleet bus operators in India for inter-city and intra-city passenger mobility operations.

We provide inter-city buses in Central and Western India with an expanding footprint in Northeastern India. In Fiscal 2018, we serviced over 2.44 million passengers in our intercity buses. As on August 31 2018, we were running over 200 schedules with over 120 buses.

We also provide services to intra-city buses in the form of city buses and bus rapid transport system (“BRTS”) for state transport undertakings (“STUs”). In Fiscal 2018, we covered over 34 million kilometres, with several million passengers. As on August 31 2018, we had over 550 intracity buses in operation.

Further, we also provide passenger mobility solutions in three other business segments, which are: (i) school buses and staff buses for corporate customers, (ii) fully automated public bicycle (“Smart Bike”) sharing and (iii) rental and self-drive cars. As on August 31, 2018, our fleet comprised of over 30 School and staff buses, over 430 Smart Bikes and over 45 rental and self-drive cars.

With a focus on strategic backward integration, we have developed an in-house bus body designing and building facility for the buses for our own use and for supply to third parties including STUs.